Poker Stars Information Site
This poker information site is to provide you some basic rules and principles including poker tips to become a better poker player.

We refer to the number 1 poker website, pokerstars as this is the biggest  poker website there is. This results in most games, most poker tournaments, best services and not to make it too easy, best poker players in the world!

Look into the list of any main poker live event and you will see members of pokerstars team or just an unknown player who won a free ticket to such a huge event. Big change he won that free ticket at one of the pokerstars games.

Allright to start is to know the basics.
Learning how to play a game of Texas Hold'em can seem much more difficult than it really is.

See our basics to learn the principles of the game, but best way to learn is just to play.
Don't overplay yourself with huge sums of money, but start playing with a wise bankroll and try to slowly increase knowledge and money in this game.

Download pokerstars and create an account. If you deposit any money use the bonus code : STARS600 with which you can (depending on your deposit) a bonus up ot $ 600 !!!!